Best Driving Wheels - Thrustmaster T500, G27, Logitech GT

Logitech G27

G27 game driving wheel

Logitech's newest steering wheel for PC and PlayStation 3 is the Logitech G27. The G27 is a significant hand wheel. Packed with functionalities and providing a great feel, this is among the greatest haptic-feedback wheel on the market as of this moment.

Thrustmaster Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster game driving wheel

T500 RS Pedals - Located above a textured metal footrest which not just seems great but stops erosion, the pedals are fully adjustable so you can pull them apart, alternate the tilt and the height: all the way down to simulate Formula 1, or higher up for your Gran Turismo 5 car driving video games. The brake pedal's levels of resistance have been reinforced to more faithfully mimic real life braking. Weighing almost seven kilograms it offers a stout platform, but is also replaceable with other makers should you conclude they're not correct for you.

GT Wheel

GT video game wheel

Accomplish your best acceleration with Force GT Game Driving Wheel for PlayStation 2 and PS3. With realistic ergonomics and a large number of customizable functions, you feel self-assured on any road or in any car you opt for.